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The Top Myths Surrounding Pediatrics in White Salmon, WA, Debunked

August 1, 2014

The amount of misinformation out there about pediatrics in White Salmon, WA can be staggering—old wives tales that people take at face value, home remedies that have little to no positive effect on children or worse, beliefs that do more harm than good! Take a look at a few of the most common pediatric myths that we’ve heard floating around and see why they’re rooted in word of mouth and not fact: Myth: educational videos make babies smarter You’ve probably heard that plopping your child in front of an educational television show when they’re just learning to speak can help... View Article

Instilling the Proper Sleep Patterns in Your Children for Optimal Wellness

May 15, 2014

For new parents, it can be rough, trying to get a grip on all of the needs that your new baby has. Even as they mature into an infant, your baby will require new and increasingly complex standards in their life, including a proper sleep regimen that can affect their wellness in a drastic way. We’ve all heard the figures—babies should get more than ten hours of sleep each day, should take at least two naps and should always be put to bed at the same time. And while these demands all have merit, it’s important to understand why. What... View Article

Focusing on Pediatrics in White Salmon, WA

September 12, 2013

Children require constant care and attention and, as a parent, it can sometimes be hard to keep an eye on them at all times while you’re trying to go about your day. It’s almost inevitable that your child will get up to something behind your back—especially during the early years of walking—and when they do, you’ll probably end up having to make a quick trip to the pediatric clinic in White Salmon, WA. There, you’ll find dozens of other parents with children who have scrapes, cuts, coughs, sneezes and a variety of other ailments that are just unavoidable. The first... View Article

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