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Ask a Health Clinic in White Salmon, WA About Your Teen’s Sleep Troubles

April 1, 2015

If you are currently or ever have been the parent of a teenager, you’ve probably felt mystified when trying to understand their sleep cycles. Teenagers tend to stay up late on the computer or hanging out with friends, and then get by on very little sleep during the week. But come the weekend, it’s not uncommon for parents to find their teenagers sleeping well past noon. You might even get to the point where they’re so sleepy you have to bring them into your health clinic in White Salmon, WA to make sure they’re not ill! So what is fact... View Article

Benefits of Visiting a Health Clinic in White Salmon, WA

March 1, 2015

When it comes time to visit a health clinic in White Salmon, WA, you might be wondering why choosing urgent care over other care options might be in your best interest. Urgent care health clinics are widespread and convenient, but a lot of people still don’t know exactly what they are. Here’s a breakdown of the purposes urgent care health clinics serve, and what the benefits are of visiting a health clinic in White Salmon, WA. What is an urgent care clinic? A good way to understand what an urgent care clinic is to remember the old fairy tale of... View Article

Dealing with the Flu: Tips From a Medical Clinic in White Salmon, WA

February 1, 2015

This time of year is no stranger to circulating viruses like the common cold; however, the flu has made itself more prevalent this year and although the flu can certainly be dangerous, most people who contract the virus fully recover after about a week or so of being ill. Regardless of how long the illness is in your system, it’s always a miserable experience and it’s important you know how to treat the flu and take care of yourself. That way you can make sure it gets out of your system as soon as possible, as well as prevent it... View Article

The Common Cold or Something Worse?

January 1, 2015

‘Tis the season for coughs, colds and sniffles! Although winter brings with it cozy sweaters, roaring fires and hot chocolate, it also brings the season where colds and flus are prominent. Although the common cold is something that most people have gone through in their lifetime, it’s good to educate yourself on it and know when you may be in for something worse than just a cough or a sniffle. Visiting your local health clinic in White Salmon, WA and getting a checkup prior to winter setting in is always a good idea. But, it is important that you understand... View Article

Visit the Health Clinic in White Salmon, WA for Your Flu Shot!

December 15, 2014

Occasionally visiting your local health clinic in White Salmon, WA is a great way to stay healthy any time of the year. Whether you need to have a simple check-up or inquire about a nagging issue, receiving professional medical advice is the best way to keep your health in balance. Winter is obviously known for the cold, but it also happens to be a time when we put considerable strain on our bodies, and therefore our health. Staying warm requires using more calories and can increase heart rate. There also is the added physical stress of shoveling, and the potential... View Article

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