Five Times to Think About Mole Removal in White Salmon, WA

Five Times to Think About Mole Removal in White Salmon, WA

April 15, 2015

We’ve talked before on this blog about moles and mole removal in White Salmon, WA, but we get such frequent questions about it that we thought our patients could use a more specific guide about different moles and conditions that might require their removal. If your mole looks atypical, suspect or just not quite right, read through this before giving us a call about mole removal in White Salmon, WA.

  • You possibly have melanoma. Melanoma is cancer, and just the thought of it is scary enough for some people to want to avoid the subject. But the truth is that melanoma is fairly easy to eradicate, as long as you don’t put off having it checked out and removed. Melanoma moles are usually wider than six millimeters, uneven and unusually colored, asymmetrically or strangely shaped and tend to have a hard, lumpy surface. If you suspect you may have melanoma, it’s best to have it examined as soon as possible. Once you’ve had one melanoma removed, it’s also wise to have routine checkups to make sure more haven’t popped up.
  • You have a dysplastic nevus. A dysplastic nevus is, simply put, an uncommon mole. They’re typically wider than five millimeters, a mixture of different color pigments, have edges that are indistinct from the surrounding skin, and have a scaly, rough or rocky texture. About one in ten adults have dysplastic nevi, and most of them turn out to be benign. But they are more likely than a common mole to turn into cancer, so it’s smart to at least have your dysplastic nevus examined to see if you should consider removal.
  • You notice a new mole that is different from the others. Sometimes a new mole doesn’t quite fit the description of a melanoma or dysplastic nevus, but it can still be unsettling or strange in some way, be it color, texture or size. Sometimes just having a mole that is noticeably different from the moles surrounding it is reason enough to have it examined. If a mole doesn’t look right to you and is causing you to worry, ask a health professional about removal. If nothing else, it will bring you peace of mind.
  • Your mole starts bleeding or oozing. Whether it’s gushing, trickling, or swelling and then popping, a mole leaking any type of fluid is definitely abnormal, and needs to be looked at and likely removed. If might be melanoma, it might be dysplastic nevus, or it might be infected, but regardless, a bleeding or oozing mole is not a healthy mole.
  • You a have family history of mole problems. Strange moles and mole removal are common experiences, and often they get passed down from generation to generation. If you have a family member who has had a melanoma or dysplastic nevus removed, pay careful attention to your own moles, and don’t put off examination or removal.

We hope this information proves to be helpful to our patients and friends. If you’re left wondering about your own mole, come by our White Salmon, WA health clinic when you get a chance.

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