Consult a Dermatologist in White Salmon, WA for Dry Skin this Winter

Consult a Dermatologist in White Salmon, WA for Dry Skin this Winter

January 15, 2015

Winter is the time of year where we like to feel toasty and warm, wrapped up in our favorite cozy sweater or sitting in front of a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate. But the freezing temps, minimal humidity, and dry furnace air can leave our skin flaky, dry and itchy.

No matter where you are, skin protection during these winter months is imperative in order to keep your skin from drying out and preventing infections. We have listed our top skincare tips for keeping your skin hydrated and happy this winter:

Seek a specialist

Taking the time to see an esthetician or dermatologist in White Salmon, WA even once is definitely a good investment. Certified specialists like these can analyze your skin type, work with you on your current skin care regimen and give you professional advice and the skin care products and routines you should be using.

Moisturize more

You may have a moisturizing routine that works great during the spring and summer months; however, as the weather conditions change, so too should your skin care products and routine. As winter moves in, look for an “ointment” moisturizer that is oil-based, as opposed to water based, as the oil will create a much more protective layer on your skin that retains moisture.

That being said, choose your oils wisely as not all oils are appropriate for the face. Make sure you look for “nonclogging” oils such as avocado oil, mineral oil or almond oil. These wont clog your pores and cause acne or other skin irritations.

Slather on the sunscreen

We know what you’re thinking, and no, sunscreen isn’t just for the summer months. Winter sun—paired with snow glare—can still damage your skin. Applying sunscreen to your face and hands can prevent any further sun damage.

Help out your hands

The skin on your hands is much thinner than the skin on most parts of your body and it has fewer oil glands. This means that keeping your hands moisturized is much harder, especially in the cold, dry winter months. If not moisturized properly, it can lead to itchiness and cracking, or even worse, infection. Make sure you are wearing gloves when you are outside and are moisturizing with your oil-based moisturizer regularly.

Avoid wet gloves and socks

Wet gloves and socks can irritate the skin and cause itching, cracking or sores, as they are pulling the moisture out of your skin on the spot. If you are outside for a while, switching out gloves or socks if they are wet will help save your skin some irritation.

Hook up your humidifier

Your central heating system blasts hot air throughout your house, which is great, but it tends to be hot dry air. Even though it keeps us warm, it dries out our skin immensely. Hooking up a humidifier in your home will get more moisture into the air and prevent your skin from drying out.

Drink water

We’ve all heard this a thousand times, but it’s true! Drinking water is imperative and it not only keeps your skin looking good, it’s a healthy habit to get into in general.

Lather up your feet

Like the rest of your body, lotions and moisturizers that are used in the summer months just won’t cut it during the winter months, your feet need stronger stuff. Look for lotions that contain petroleum jelly and use exfoliants to get the dead skin off periodically.

Avoid superhot baths

Of course there’s nothing better than slipping into a hot bath during those below-zero nights, but the intense heat of a hot shower or bath can break down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a major loss in moisture. If possible, stick to warm water as opposed to hot as well as taking shorter showers or baths.

Should you do all of the above and you still find that your skin isn’t retaining moisture, it is best to speak with your dermatologist in White Salmon, WA and obtain a prescription to combat the dry skin. It’s important to do this so you can prevent your itchy or dry skin from turning into a bigger problem like an infection or disease. Keeping your skin happy and healthy starts with you!

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