Visit the Health Clinic in White Salmon, WA for Your Flu Shot!

Visit the Health Clinic in White Salmon, WA for Your Flu Shot!

December 15, 2014

Occasionally visiting your local health clinic in White Salmon, WA is a great way to stay healthy any time of the year. Whether you need to have a simple check-up or inquire about a nagging issue, receiving professional medical advice is the best way to keep your health in balance. Winter is obviously known for the cold, but it also happens to be a time when we put considerable strain on our bodies, and therefore our health. Staying warm requires using more calories and can increase heart rate. There also is the added physical stress of shoveling, and the potential hazards of slipping on ice. In addition to all that, many people also get sick during winter due to a compromised immune system. Checking in for some medical advice is a great idea before or during the winter.

The flu is risky business

A big reason to stop in to your local health clinic in White Salmon, WA is to get your seasonal flu shot. As mentioned above, immune systems are typically compromised during the winter. This leaves anyone susceptible to ending up with a variety of common illnesses. Annoying colds are one of the most common, but the real one to look out for is seasonal flu. Getting the flu can be incredibly uncomfortable, as well as dangerous. A few of the symptoms are coughing, having a fever coupled with chills, a sore throat, muscle, body and headaches, fatigue, and potentially vomiting and diarrhea. In severe cases, the flu can lead to hospitalization or even death, putting children and the elderly at a considerably higher degree of risk. The bottom line is that flu prevention should be your top priority before winter starts.

How should you protect yourself from this year’s seasonal flu? Start by doing everything possible to fend off any form of illness by keeping your immune system in good condition. This requires leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle, especially with good nutrition habits. For specifics depending on your age and specific lifestyle choices, you may want to receive some medical advice on how you can boost your immune system before winter.

What the flu vaccine can do

Just as important, though, is receiving your annual flu vaccine. Flu vaccines cause antibodies to develop inside of your body that are especially good at fighting infection. The vaccines are developed to fight numerous strands of flu viruses and while they are not 100 percent effective, they leave you much better protected than you would be if you simply did nothing. An added benefit is that they are not difficult or expensive to get at your local health clinic in White Salmon, WA. They offer a lot of added protection to your health this winter.

Before winter really gets started, make sure you add taking care of your health to your to-do list. Prevention in this case really is the best medicine, both by boosting your immune system and receiving preventative vaccination. Consider stopping in to your local health clinic to receive more details about flu vaccination and to ask for some other useful advice on how to stay healthy this winter.

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