Understanding Pediatric Dermatology in White Salmon, WA

Understanding Pediatric Dermatology in White Salmon, WA

December 1, 2014

Dermatologists are accustomed to treating and assisting all sorts of patients. Skin problems are universal, regardless of where someone comes from or how old they are. Dermatology in White Salmon, WA also isn’t just for those suffering from particularly dangerous skin conditions. Granted, this is one of many specialties of dermatologists, and is critically important considering the danger some skin conditions pose, but dermatologists also are able to assist with a variety of other skin ailments, some of which can drastically improve quality of life. Pediatric dermatology excels in this area; most people, though, would hardly consider bringing their child to a dermatologist unless absolutely necessary. Here are a few things you may want to know about pediatric dermatology.

Specialized training

The first thing to know about pediatric dermatology in White Salmon, WA is that it is conducted by dermatologists. This may seem obvious, but surprisingly there are many people who misunderstand the training involved to treat skin conditions on children. The requirement involves many years of training, starting with medical school, then specialty training in dermatology, and further education in pediatrics. In short, lots of training is required to ensure every child is in safe hands.

Many people wonder why adolescents would need to visit a dermatologist. Dermatology in White Salmon, WA has a lot to offer for many people, regardless of age. Skin conditions vary greatly, from particularly dangerous, when without question you should visit a dermatologist, to skin conditions that are sometimes just considered an uncomfortable part of life, like acne. Indeed, skin conditions like acne and eczema are some of the most common reasons why people of all ages visit a dermatologist, but especially children.

Treatment for all kinds of skin conditions

There are a variety of treatment plans out there for what are considered regular, and not very dangerous, skin conditions like acne. Many store-bought items are available, yet to responsibly treat acne, especially for adolescents, professional advice is always recommended. Certain acne creams are abrasive to younger kids, and can actually cause more discomfort than the acne itself. For this reason, no skin treatment plan should be started prior to consulting with a professional.

Dermatologists can also perform other medical treatments. Two of the most common are skin biopsies and non-abrasive surgical removal. Skin, no matter the age, is susceptible to forming pre-cancerous cells. Often they become visible in the form of unusual blotching, discoloration, or unusually formed moles or skin growths. In some cases these blemishes can become dangerous very quickly if not treated. In other cases, they remain dormant on the skin for any number of years before developing into a more serious skin disorder.

By visiting a pediatric dermatologist, your child can receive a professional diagnosis of what the skin blemish actually is. Depending on the professional advice you receive, you may decide to have a non-abrasive surgical procedure carried out to have the problem area removed.

Small, yet critically important surgeries or treatments from professional dermatologists can drastically increase quality of life and overall health, so consider consulting with a pediatric dermatologist if the child in your family has a potential skin problem.

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