Keeping Yourself Out of a Medical Clinic in White Salmon, WA this Cold and Flu Season

Keeping Yourself Out of a Medical Clinic in White Salmon, WA this Cold and Flu Season

October 15, 2014

It seems like every year there’s some inescapable illness that people come down with—whether it’s a nasty strain of the flu or some highly contagious illness that springs up out of nowhere. Over the past few years, the concern has been high about several strong strains of the flu that seem to pass from person to person with ease, so this upcoming cold and flu season, it’s important to make sure that you’re taking steps to preserve your health.

Follow the tips listed below to make sure that your immune system stays strong and you stay out of a medical clinic in White Salmon, WA during the winter months, when illnesses are numerous and easily caught:

Sanitize: If you don’t already utilize hand sanitizer, it’s important to do so during cold and flu season. Carry a small bottle in your purse or put some in your desk drawer at work so that it’s handy when you need it. Be sure to use it when you’re visiting public places or when you come into physical contact with someone who shows signs of illness. Some of the most common illnesses are caused by germs passed from hand to mouth, so be diligent in your hand sanitizing—whether it’s via a bottle of sanitizer or simply washing your hands frequently.

Contain your illness: If you feel symptoms of a sickness coming on, do your best to act on them as quickly as possible. Keep on top of your runny nose and cough, medicate for your fever or stuffiness and keep a watchful eye on these symptoms as they develop and grow worse. If you don’t feel better after a couple of days, try not to spread your illness by going to work or school and minimize your contagiousness by resting.

Maintain a healthy diet: Eating healthily is one of the best things you can do for your body during the season for sickness. If your body is strong and has a great supply of vitamins and nutrients, it’ll do better against oncoming contagions that might seek to make you sick. Fruits, veggies and protein are your best bets to keeping your body prepped for healthy living and it’s never a bad idea to forgo eating out for a home cooked, healthy meal with the family!

Stay rested: While it might be tempting to work late finishing up a big project for work early or spend an extra hour on the couch watching TV when you should go to bed, putting your body behind on sleep means exposing it to an increased chance of illness. Stay regular with your sleeping habits and try to get a full night’s rest—doing so will keep your body in peak shape to fight off pathogens!

If you want to keep going about your daily life and not have to spend time at a medical clinic in White Salmon, WA this cold and flu season, give some of the above tips a try! When you’ve weathered the season without getting sick, you’ll feel even better come spring!

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