Our Health Clinic is Now Licensed for CDL Physicals in White Salmon, WA

Our Health Clinic is Now Licensed for CDL Physicals in White Salmon, WA

September 15, 2014

For the majority of us, driving is a monotonous, day-to-day task that doesn’t require much effort. What we don’t realize is there’s much more to driving than we think, even more so in commercial driving. Operating a commercially licensed vehicle is an occupation that not only requires an incredible amount of training and skill, it also requires top notch physical aptitude.

Professional drivers live a lifestyle that deters from maintaining good health. The constant exposure to noise, pollution, poor food choices and difficult hours prove to make living a healthy lifestyle very difficult. Below are some of the top concerns when working as a professional driver:

1. Cancers. The incessant contact with diesel fumes and car exhausts have been a long-standing concern in regards to cancer. The constant inhaling of those pollutants and chemicals is not healthy and can increase ones risk for cancers such as lung and bladder cancer.

2. Eyesight deterioration. The majority of a professional drivers job is spent on the road and putting continuous stress on the eyes, especially when driving odd hours.  The constant strain and pressure being put on the eyes can eventually deteriorate the muscles and cause future eye problems.

3. Fatigue. Fatigue is a manifestation of anxiety and stress and a number one symptom of physical health complications. The stress of getting product to a destination or passengers to their location on time can cause a driver to force himself or herself to stay awake and ignore sleep in order to complete the task. This can cause serious fatigue and is not only unsafe for the driver but other people on the roads.

The dialogue of driving stress and fatigue is married with discussions about the drivers driving times, rest hours, traffic accidents and safety.

4. Noise. Noise is a definite trigger of poor health. It has the ability to damage hearing and can be associated with numerous psychological problems that can contribute to stress. Noise contributes to problems with the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems and can ultimately reduce operative production.

There are other problems that can surface if the constant noise affects the drivers hearing. If hearing is damaged it is hard for drivers to be aware of what is going on around them on the roads which can lead to accidents and other mishaps due to not being able to hear something going on outside of the vehicle.

5. Heart disease and weight control. As most of you fellow commuters know, although drivers can certainly choose where they would like to eat and have various options as a result of traveling, when you’re on the go and in a hurry it isn’t always feasible to eat healthy. It’s so much easier to quick swing through a fast food joint and grab a burger and fries! This is where the bad habits begin to form. Drivers look to convenience as opposed to health and after a while it catches up to them. Weight gain and potential heart problems can occur and can affect the driver’s health in the long run.

Why it’s important to get a CDL physical in White Salmon, WA

As stated above, there are a slew of heath problems that can come from professionally driving commercial vehicles; however, the worst can be prevented if drivers get their physicals done.

Getting a physical in White Salmon, WA can help determine if a driver has previous health complications that can make driving difficult, as well as assist in making those problems better. For example, if a driver goes to get a physical done and finds out he or she has poor eyesight, odds are there are medical options can help, whether that is a procedure or simply getting a new set of glasses.

The staff at White Salmon Family Practice are here to help assist and prevent health complications for those that want to obtain their CDL. We can give you tips to help stay healthy on the road and make your driving experience that much safer!

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