The Top Myths Surrounding Pediatrics in White Salmon, WA, Debunked

The Top Myths Surrounding Pediatrics in White Salmon, WA, Debunked

August 1, 2014

The amount of misinformation out there about pediatrics in White Salmon, WA can be staggering—old wives tales that people take at face value, home remedies that have little to no positive effect on children or worse, beliefs that do more harm than good! Take a look at a few of the most common pediatric myths that we’ve heard floating around and see why they’re rooted in word of mouth and not fact:

Myth: educational videos make babies smarter

You’ve probably heard that plopping your child in front of an educational television show when they’re just learning to speak can help them to become “smarter” faster. This is actually not true and can have a detrimental effect on your child’s development skills! There’s no substitute for parent interaction during a child’s early development years and they’ll actually learn more from mom or dad than they will from a television character! This isn’t to say that all television shows are bad—just remember that they’re no substitute for face-to-face, hands-on interaction at home.

Myth: babies need to defecate every day

Too many parents are told that if their baby isn’t defecating every day, something is wrong. While it’s true that several days of being backed up are definitely a bad sign, the fact of the matter is that some babies just defecate less than others and it’s not a marker of your baby’s good or poor health. Regularity is key and the consistency of the fecal matter is more important than how frequently your baby is eliminating.

Myth: it’s not safe to take a newborn outside

There’s a common misconception in the world of pediatrics in White Salmon, WA that the outdoors are no place for a baby. Barring any type of major inclement weather condition, it’s actually quite safe to take your baby outside! The biggest hazard facing a baby that’s less than two months old is infection, so it’s best to avoid crowds or pets during this time—taking your baby for a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, on the other hand, is a great way to get out of the house before you go stir crazy!

Myth: every sickness is bad

When children get to a certain age—generally two or three years old—it’s actually important that your child gets sick once in a while. Coddling a developing child will negatively affect its immune system, making future illnesses much more detrimental than they otherwise would be against an experienced immune system. A cold, cough or fever isn’t the end of the world if monitored and treated properly and in fact, experiencing trivial illnesses at a young age can help your children to boost their immune systems earlier. Think about the chicken pox example—parents often expose their children to others who have had the illness so that they get it and become immune earlier in life!

These are just a few of the myths surrounding pediatrics in White Salmon, WA—to get to the bottom of other facts and misinformation, it’s best to consult a licensed physician about the health and wellbeing of your toddler!

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