Five Questions to Ask Your Gynecologist During Your Next Checkup

Five Questions to Ask Your Gynecologist During Your Next Checkup

August 15, 2014

For many women, scheduling their annual gynecological exam can be a bit off-putting. Gynecology in White Salmon, WA isn’t always a comfortable subject for women to discuss and when it comes time to have your physician examine you and discuss your intimate habits, you might find yourself embarrassed or nervous.

This is a very natural reaction, but it’s very important to remember one simple fact: your gynecologist is a trained professional who is concerned about your health and welfare first and foremost—there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable, ashamed or shy when discussing matters that concern your personal health!

The next time you’re faced with an annual checkup, put aside feelings of nervousness and instead focus on your wellbeing—don’t be afraid to ask your gynecologist these five important questions:

1. What tests should I get this year? This is a very important question to ask because even though you take regular care of your personal hygiene and practice safe sex, you’ll still need to have yourself tested for invasive conditions that may affect you at any time. Common tests to consult your gynecologist about include PAP smears, mammograms and various STI tests, should your situation warrant them.

2. How is my fertility? If you’re actively trying to get pregnant or are concerned about recent sexual activity, have a candid talk with your physician about your fertility levels. You can talk about things like birth control, planning for ovulation cycles or, if you’re heading into your golden years, you can discuss menopause and its effects on your fertility and overall health.

3. Is this normal? This question can apply to virtually anything you’re concerned about in the realm of gynecology in White Salmon, WA. From itching and irritation, to odors or pain during intercourse, the “is this normal?” question is one that should always be asked if you’re worried about your body. Your gynecologist will generally always have sound advice to lend you and can help quell any fears that you might have due to an overactive imagination or an overdose of “self diagnosis” that many people jump to!

4. Why do I pee when I laugh or sneeze? You’d be amazed at how common this question is and shouldn’t feel embarrassed asking it! A small level of urinary incontinence is common in women of all ages and it generally is a result of weak pelvic floor muscles. Your physician will likely recommend kegel exercises or other strengthening routines to help resolve or mitigate this issue.

5. Why does sex hurt? Again, this is another question that too many women are afraid to ask their physicians. Pain during and after sex is not generally normal and could be the sign of a myriad of underlying concerns. Talking to your gynecologist about any pain you’re experiencing will help them to better address and treat your situation, whether it’s due to an infection or the onset of something worse.

Being able to have an open conversation about gynecology in White Salmon, WA with your physician is one of the best things you can do for your health and your body—keep that in mind the next time you’re scheduling your annual checkup!

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