Proper Exercise Techniques from Your Primary Care Physician in White Salmon, WA

Proper Exercise Techniques from Your Primary Care Physician in White Salmon, WA

July 1, 2014

Maintaining an active and encouraging lifestyle is something that a good many people place an emphasis on in their day-to-day routines—whether it’s going to the gym a couple of times a week to lift weights or taking a nightly stroll around the neighborhood to remain active.

But, before you hop off the couch an onto the treadmill, hoping to improve your physique a little, make sure you’re going about it in an appropriate way—not prepping your body for the strenuous task of activity can leave you worse for the wear, even with the best intentions!

Always warm up

Not giving your muscles an appropriate warm up is the most common mistake that people make, leading to injury or soreness. As your primary care physician in White Salmon, WA will tell you, muscles are “cold” when they’re not being actively exerted, meaning that they’re not going to stretch and strain in certain ways without repercussions. Make sure you stretch out any muscle groups that you’re about to exercise and take your workout at a slow start. Remember, no one goes from the couch to a marathon without warming up first!

Know your limits

If you’re one of those people who enjoys pushing yourself to the limit, make sure you know what that limit is before you start pushing! Lifting weights that are too heavy for you or keeping up a pace that’s too strenuous to maintain will actually do more harm to your body than good and can lead to issues like muscle strains, hernias or even ligament damage. Work yourself up to different levels of intensity and never push past your own limits.

Practice proper form

Proper form is crucial in maintaining consistency in your active lifestyle. Whether you’re running, lifting weights or doing yoga, having a consistent and proper form will ensure that you don’t hurt yourself or put unnecessary burden on your body. Have someone teach you appropriate forms for every exercise that you’re going to undertake, otherwise, you could find yourself hurt and having to meet with your primary care physician in White Salmon, WA!

Give yourself a rest

Pushing your body day after day in the same way isn’t the way to becoming healthier—it’s about conditioning smartly and listening to your body at all times. Have an exercise cycle that allows you to focus on different parts of your body on different days. This will allow you to work out your body more completely and avoid any injuries that come from overexertion or duress. It’s also important to rest yourself during exercises, allowing your body to recuperate and ready itself for whatever is next.

Whether you’re a track star who loves to run laps or a gym buff that’s constantly pushing for the next weight class, taking care of your body remains a top priority for so many important reasons. You’re not doing yourself any favors by exercising improperly and paying attention to the tips above can help you to not only feel better about your physique, but also to maintain a healthier body all around.

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