How to Properly Prepare for Blood Testing in White Salmon, WA

How to Properly Prepare for Blood Testing in White Salmon, WA

June 15, 2014

Everyone has different phobias when it comes to visiting a medical provider—for some, it’s a phobia of sitting in the waiting room; for others, it’s a phobia of catching an illness that they previously didn’t have; but for still more, it’s a phobia of having blood drawn. Having blood drawn is far from a pleasant experience, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not manageable, even for those who have an extreme phobia of the procedure.

There are a few different things that you can do to better prepare yourself for blood testing in White Salmon, WA. Take a look at some steps that may make you feel more comfortable during the process—even if you’re not someone with an aversion to having blood taken:

Eat beforehand: Eating something before you have your blood drawn is a great way to ensure that you’re not going to pass out from the experience. Eating helps to settle your stomach, maintain your blood sugar and gives you a base for any nerves that you may be feeling. Make sure not to stuff yourself, however—just a simple snack of fruit, crackers or another simple food can be enough to stave off the knots in your stomach.

Ask to lie down: If you have trouble giving blood or are prone to passing out during blood testing in White Salmon, WA, ask to lay down. Your nurse will be more than happy to accommodate your need and laying down can help to give you a good balance while you’re having blood drawn. It will also prevent any injury if you do happen to pass out, as you’ll already be lying down.

Look away: For most people, the trepidation that they experience while having blood drawn is a result of what they see. Watching the needle go into your vein is enough for anyone to have a minor panic attack, so averting your gaze makes a world of difference. Be sure to focus on something other than the procedure and it’ll be over in no time at all.

Keep talking: Talking to a family member or even your nurse will serve to keep your mind moving forward, rather than stuck on the procedure. Keep up lively conversation, even if it’s simple, to distract your mind from the perception of having your blood drawn.

Rest up: When you’ve finished having your blood drawn, it can be tempting to get up and leave as quickly as possible—this isn’t the best course of action, however. Your mind and body will still be recovering from the procedure, so it’s important to take a moment and recover. Be sure to drink water afterwards and keep yourself from participating in any overexerting activities for several hours after you’re done.

Having blood taken for blood testing in White Salmon, WA may not be a pleasant experience, but it’s one that you can learn to manage. Following the steps above will help you to feel better about your situation and can have a profound effect on the way you cope with a simple blood drawing.

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