Instilling the Proper Sleep Patterns in Your Children for Optimal Wellness

Instilling the Proper Sleep Patterns in Your Children for Optimal Wellness

May 15, 2014

For new parents, it can be rough, trying to get a grip on all of the needs that your new baby has. Even as they mature into an infant, your baby will require new and increasingly complex standards in their life, including a proper sleep regimen that can affect their wellness in a drastic way.

We’ve all heard the figures—babies should get more than ten hours of sleep each day, should take at least two naps and should always be put to bed at the same time. And while these demands all have merit, it’s important to understand why. What makes sleep and a sleep schedule such an important part of pediatrics in White Salmon, WA?

Regularity and consistency

Have you ever flipped back and forth between sleep schedules? You may have slept for a few hours here, stayed awake for a few more there, taken a full night’s sleep, only to go another night without sleeping very much. It’s sporadic sleep patterns like this that make us feel tired, worn and irritable—imagine what an erratic sleep schedule will do to an infant!

Infants and newborns are still in their earliest development stages, meaning that rest and rejuvenation are crucial to the development of their skills. The more rested a child is, the better they’ll be able to comprehend the world around them—this includes the restfulness that comes from unbroken sleep patterns.

Biological clock development

Another reason that sleep patterns are such a central concern in the world of pediatrics in White Salmon, WA is because a proper sleep pattern is essential in maintaining a person’s biological clock. Your biological clock dictates many things—when you feel hungry, sleepy or alert, as well as basic bodily functions and needs. Having this clock accustomed to regular function means improving several key aspects of life in a way that’s automated and optimized for growth.

Again, regulating the internal biological clock of a newborn or infant is crucial in setting them on the path to cognizance—their bodies will be attuned to sleeping, eating and being alert at all the right times, helping them to internalize the world around them and grow while doing so.

As an added bonus, this will also support the parental side of things—a child with a steady biological clock is one that will generally sleep through the night, want to be fed at the same times each day and who will be generally happier because of their natural schedule.

Tips on how to make it work

The biggest factor in regulating a child’s sleep pattern is consistency—make sure that they’re following a strict schedule that doesn’t deviate from day to day. If your child goes down for a nap at 2pm, make sure that this nap is never more than ten minutes off of the mark. Likewise, don’t let them oversleep—maintain a strict sleeping schedule that both allots them enough time to sleep, while also ensuring that they do not over sleep: over time, this will be more easily recognizable, as children will wake up on their own.

Finally, pay attention to your children’s moods and their actions—especially in children that are too young to properly tell you how they feel. Watch for lethargy, which indicates the need for more or less sleep, as well as irregularity, which could indicate that there’s something wrong with the schedule you have set up.

Remember, maintaining a proper sleep schedule is crucial—there’s a reason that it’s at the center of many debates on pediatrics in White Salmon, WA!

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