Crucial Supplements that a Family Doctor in White Salmon, WA May Recommend to you

Crucial Supplements that a Family Doctor in White Salmon, WA May Recommend to you

May 1, 2014

Even the most fit human beings need a little bit of help keeping their bodies in peak condition every now and then. No, we’re not talking about complex treatments or harmful steroids—we’re talking about natural vitamins, minerals and supplements that our bodies use to keep us active daily. These aren’t outlandish supplements either—they’re commonly occurring substances like potassium, vitamin B and iron!

Despite these substances occurring naturally in our diets, it’s possible that your body may need a little bit of help here and there when it comes to keeping the levels right. In order to correct any imbalances, a family doctor in White Salmon, WA may encourage that you take any number of dietary supplements, including:

Potassium: Potassium is a hugely important part of your diet for a number of reasons, yet sadly, it’s a substance that not many people are getting their full share of daily. Potassium is used to break down carbs, build and sustain muscle and control the acid/base levels in your body. Most importantly potassium offsets sodium levels, improving your cardiovascular health.

Iron: Iron is a tricky substance to maintain in the human body and too much or too little can have serious side effects. Too little iron can cause clotting and anemia issues, while too much can cause headaches, nausea, fatigue and dizziness. Iron primarily helps in the creation of oxygen-carrying proteins.

Calcium: We should all know why calcium is important in our bodies—it helps to build strong bones! Far and above this, however, calcium also helps to induce clotting when we’re injured and assists in the sending and receiving of nerve signals throughout the body. Not enough calcium can leave you feeling frail and sluggish.

Vitamin B: There are several types of B vitamins, including the well known B6 and B12 variations. Having B vitamins in your system improves metabolism and increases energy levels, giving your body the motivation it needs to function properly each day. While many people get enough B vitamins in their diet, a family doctor in White Salmon, WA may recommend more or less of one type, based on your overall health.

Folic Acid: Folic acid is a supplement that’s more for women than men, simply because it can greatly impact a pregnancy. Getting the right levels of folic acid before and during a pregnancy can mitigate the risk of a variety of birth defects, while also improving the heart health of the mother. Even if you’re not planning on a pregnancy, a woman needs folic acid as a part of her regular diet, as it will help to mitigate cell changes that can lead to later-life illnesses.

Far and above simply recommending these daily supplements, your family doctor in White Salmon, WA may instead recommend a multivitamin daily. Multivitamins serve to deliver many of the compounds our bodies need to get through the day, all in one convenient capsule form!

If you’re headed to your family physician for a routine checkup, ask about the different supplements you should be taking—adding one or two to your daily diet may serve to change your quality of life for the better!

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