What do You Know About Dermatology in White Salmon, WA?

What do You Know About Dermatology in White Salmon, WA?

April 1, 2014

Unless you’re someone that has been dealing with a recurring skin condition for most of your life, there’s a decent chance that you’ve never had to make regular appointments with a Dermatologist. But, just because this field of medicine isn’t a relevant aspect in your life right now, doesn’t mean that you won’t find yourself with a condition that can be addressed through a Dermatology consultation. In fact, Dermatology in White Salmon, WA is highly relevant when it comes to a variety of different types of illnesses and situations, including those you may have experienced before.

Rashes and outbreaks

One of the most common misconceptions about Dermatology in White Salmon, WA is that it’s a field that focuses solely on cosmetic skin issues, like acne. This is only the tip of the iceberg—Dermatologists actually focus on a variety of skin conditions, stemming from all sorts of illnesses. Rashes and outbreaks caused by allergies, nervous system ailments and more are primary concerns of Dermatologists and being able to understand the skin affliction in these situations can yield a better diagnosis about your overall condition. In simplest terms, a Dermatologist can be consulted for just about any illness that has visible symptoms!

Warts, moles and cysts

Sometimes, it’s not necessarily an illness that will warrant you a trip to a Dermatologist—it’s an isolated lesion that could be the root of a future problem. The most common example of this is an irregular mole—your primary physician may refer you to a dermatologist to have it examined or removed, to diagnose or prevent skin cancer. In other common cases, you may have a cyst that develops, which requires lancing—something that is also done by a licensed Dermatologist to prevent infection. This aspect of Dermatology in White Salmon, WA can be considered both cosmetic and preventative in nature.

Tattoos and scarring

Whether you’ve got a bad tattoo that you’re looking to remove or are concerned about the appearance of a scar earned through a terrible accident, you’ll find yourself in a Dermatologist’s office when it comes time for a consultation. This cosmetic part of the practice helps to restore your skin to its natural state and can be an option for someone whose life is altered for the worse by a skin imperfection.

Hair and nails

Dermatology in White Salmon, WA doesn’t just refer to skin—it also encompasses hair and nails as well. If you’re seeking professional hair transplantation or have a nail issue that’s developing further than it should, a Dermatologist will be called in to consult with you or oversee a procedure involving these aspects.

Liposuction and Botox

If you’re concerned about your appearance and want a strictly cosmetic solution, liposuction or Botox could be just what the Dermatologist ordered! These procedures are becoming more and more common today and if you’re someone considering them, you’ll get to know your Dermatologist far better during the planning and execution phases of both of these procedures.

There’s more to Dermatology than most people think! What that means for you, is a specialty physician that can help you with virtually any aspect of your appearance or illness—from a pesky rash to a desire to improve your appearance through cosmetic procedures.

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