Spring Means It's Time for Sports Physicals in White Salmon, WA

Spring Means It’s Time for Sports Physicals in White Salmon, WA

March 1, 2014

If you or a family member loves playing sports, then this winter probably has seemed like an eternity! Every parent with a little athlete in the family knows what it’s like on those snowy cold days to watch their future professional sports player pace around the house restlessly, just waiting for the first day of spring to go hit the playing field.

When that day finally comes around, the last thing you want to see happen is a sports related injury. Any injury is bad enough, but knowing it will prematurely end their season and only delay playing time even further makes it that much worse. Occasional sports injuries are just a fact of life for many athletes, regardless of age, but proper training, physical strength and routine sports physicals in White Salmon, WA can help to prevent them.

Always get a physical

Especially after a long winter of reduced activity, sports physicals in White Salmon, WA are more important than ever. No matter your age, or the age of the athlete in the family, no sports season should begin without first having a routine physical inspection.

A physical will help determine muscle and joint strength, cardiovascular strength and any other health issues, which possibly need to be addressed. Going from reduced activity in the winter to full training and activity in spring is just asking for an injury. In many cases, joints and muscles need time to readjust to differing levels of training, and a sports physical in White Salmon, WA is a great way to do that.

Preparing for strenuous play

Getting ready for a season to start is all about preparedness. Hopefully you or the athlete in the family attempted to keep activity levels during winter pretty high, even though it can be difficult to do that at times. Even routine workouts can ensure you are almost ready for the season to start in spring, but visiting a nurse practitioner first ensures you have a trusted opinion on whether you truly are ready or not.

This can be true for just about any sport, although clearly the more physically intensive ones require even more care. Especially for football, soccer and track, the athlete uses just about every muscle in the body and ligaments and joints face a considerable amount of stress. Most times an injury won’t occur right away. Instead as the season wears on, small unnoticed injuries grow worse until a large problem occurs.

For this reason, a routine physical should be considered before the season starts, to assess exactly what condition you are in. This way, small unnoticed injuries can be spotted and treated before they spirals into something much worse, the type of injury which can prematurely end a season. Most physicals are inexpensive and don’t last very long, so there is no good excuse to not consider getting one right away.

Just remember, sports are very physically demanding and in many cases can lead to injury. To best prevent an injury, see a certified medical professional today.

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