Consult With a Nurse Practitioner in White Salmon, WA about Your Allergies Before Spring Arrives

Consult With a Nurse Practitioner in White Salmon, WA about Your Allergies Before Spring Arrives

March 15, 2014

Springtime is almost upon us, making it a great time to get ready for spring-cleaning, outdoor fun and unfortunately, preparation for oncoming allergens. Many people suffer from allergies all year round, but spring is a particularly rough time for many allergy sufferers.

There has been a steady growth in allergy sufferers in recent decades, yet many people continue to not understand a whole lot about allergies—what they are, different types, and how to treat them. Although you should definitely be informed about allergies, you also should know that if you have allergies, a good idea is to visit a nurse practitioner in White Salmon, WA before the season is upon us. Read below to find out why.

Allergies 101

Allergies are an outgrowth of your immune system. Basically your body can develop an exaggerated response to certain environmental factors, ultimately producing the common effects associated with allergies, but basically these symptoms are produced in your immune system.

Environmental factors produce these exaggerated responses, and there has been a recent spike in allergy sufferers in the industrialized world. Oddly enough, allergies can also come and go throughout your lifetime. You can develop an allergy at any age, and sometimes, allergies will go away naturally, not as a result of anything specific a nurse practitioner in White Salmon, WA may do.

Types of allergies

When you think of allergies, chances are cat or pollen allergies immediately come to mind. These of course are very common forms of allergies, but the reality is there is a wide range of parts of your body, which can be affected by exaggerated responses.

In many cases, allergies affect the eyes, nose, lungs, skin or gastrointestinal parts of your body. Just as pollen in spring may produce scratchy eyes and sneezing in one person, a type of food may cause digestive problems in another. Hay fever and allergy to cat dander are types of allergies, as are food and medication reactions.

What this means is that there are many different sources of allergies so there is not one overall cure or treatment method. This is why visiting a nurse practitioner in White Salmon, WA to learn more about your allergies is such a good idea.

Mitigating allergies

If everyone could just take the same pill during a certain allergy season to make everything better, that would be great, but due to all the different types of allergies and sources, a nurse practitioner’s help is invaluable in finding the right treatment method for you. Often times this involves some combination of medication and mitigation techniques. Since spring will arrive before you know it, consider consulting with a nurse practitioner to see what treatment and mitigation plan will best work for you.

Allergy season can be far less severe if you take the right steps, so don’t let yourself suffer and visit a nurse practitioner as soon as possible. You’ll find yourself enjoying more of the nice weather and great activities that spring and summer have to offer, without feeling tired, irritated or sick.

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