Does Your Sickness Warrant a Visit to a Family Healthcare Clinic in White Salmon, WA

Does Your Sickness Warrant a Visit to a Family Healthcare Clinic in White Salmon, WA

February 1, 2014

Winter is a bad time of year for anyone prone to illness, simply because conditions are ripe for all sorts of afflictions. Whether it’s a bout with the common cold or a case of strep throat, people are getting sick during the winter more often than not. Still, how do you know the severity of your illness, or whether it’s something that’s going to go away on its own versus something that needs to be treated?

As a general rule of thumb, any illness that persists for more than a few days should be brought to a physician’s attention at your local family healthcare clinic in White Salmon, WA. Whether it’s the sniffles or a cough, stuffy head or fatigue, if it goes on for more than a few days, it’s a good idea to have it looked at. Why? Because what you may perceive your illness to be, may not always be what it actually is!

Some illnesses, however, should be considered immediately, even if you’ve only had them for a day or so. Take a look at some of the most common symptoms and illnesses during winter that can signal a potentially serious condition:

Constant hacking cough: A cough is a cough, but when that cough rattles your whole body and gives you pain in more than just your throat, it’s time to head on down to a family healthcare clinic in White Salmon, WA. A persistent, hacking cough can be the sign of strep throat or whooping cough: two illnesses that are highly contagious when left untreated and undiagnosed.

Serious fatigue: If you can’t get out of bed and go about your daily routine without instant fatigue or complete lethargy, it may be time to consult a physician. Serious fatigue can be a symptom of a variety of different illnesses and in winter, those illnesses can include pneumonia and upper respiratory infections.

Massive headaches: We all know the stuffy feeling of a head cold and how annoying it can be, but if your headaches become very serious or persist all day long, it’s time to consider a physician’s opinion. You may just need a better decongestant or else it could be the sign of a more serious illness.

Full body pain: If your whole body is sensitive or is in pain, it could be that your body is trying to tell you something. During winter, our bodies can be susceptible to a variety of illnesses and when our bodies are weakened, they can ache all over when we’re seriously sick.

Remember, everyone’s perception of pain and sickness is different—what’s moderate for one person may be severe for another, so it’s a good idea to monitor your status very closely if you’re getting sick. It’s hard to walk the fine line between understanding that you have a common cold and deducing whether or not it could be something serious, which is why this is always better left to your physician. If you’re experiencing an illness that seems harsher than you’re used to, don’t hesitate to visit a family healthcare clinic in White Salmon, WA today and get the help you need!

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