The Internet Can't Replace a Good Family Doctor in White Salmon, WA

The Internet Can’t Replace a Good Family Doctor in White Salmon, WA

January 1, 2014

Today’s modern world is full of amazing, new innovations, with the Internet being the king of them all. With no effort at all, people can communicate on a global level, look up obscure information that was once only found in dusty old encyclopedias and even a child can perform an Internet search on why they’re feeling sick. In fact, looking up different ailments, symptoms and asking healthcare questions is one of the most popular activities on the Web today—everything from serious questions about illnesses to postulations about certain diseases is a relevant topic.

But, even though it’s easy enough to look up your symptoms on the Internet, just remember that nothing can truly replace the personal care and attention of a family doctor in White Salmon, WA!

An illness in disguise

There’s a reason that physicians spend countless years in school, more years interning and even more time passing exams—they’re studying one of the most complex topics in the world: the human body! And, during all of those long hours when they’re stuffing their brains with knowledge, they’re bound to pick up a few pieces of vital information that will serve them in the field. No matter how hard it tries, the Internet can never replace a good family doctor in White Salmon, WA.

Diagnosing an illness isn’t as simple as plugging in symptoms and validating an answer—it’s about observing a person, checking their vitals and examining the symptoms that they present firsthand, before pairing all of this information with a diagnosis. The most common mistake that people make while searching for their diagnosis online is believing that symptoms line up perfectly with a unique diagnosis.

Head on over to any medical website, type in “runny nose,” “coughing” and “fever” as symptoms and see what type of diagnosis you get back. There’s a good chance that you’ll be categorized with every illness under the sun, from the common cold to brain cancer! The major problem with websites that offer diagnoses is that they pair your symptoms with any and every possibility out there—if even one person in recorded history had a runny nose as a symptom of their impending brain cancer, the Internet will see that as a possibility for you!

Making the right call

Figuring out what’s ailing you takes more than some keystrokes—it takes a visit to your local family doctor in White Salmon, WA for an examination. Your physician won’t be bothered by every diagnosis ever recorded based on your symptoms—they’ll be concerned with boiling down your vital signs and symptoms to find the right diagnosis.

What’s more, being able to speak with your physician face to face, ask questions and be met with personalized answers is invaluable. No website or online database is going to know you better than your physician, so make it a point to use the Internet for only basic information, such as how to remedy common afflictions, like a runny nose. Information is valuable, there’s no doubt about it, but information is most valuable when it’s right and being communicated to you by someone who’s a trusted professional.

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