Preemptive Care from your Family Healthcare Clinic in White Salmon, WA

Preemptive Care from your Family Healthcare Clinic in White Salmon, WA

January 15, 2014

Many people only feel the need to visit their local family healthcare clinic in White Salmon, WA when they’re sick or show symptoms of a lingering illness. While this is a natural step on the road to regaining your health, it generally means that whatever you’re worried about has already happened—you’ve already caught that flu or the mild stomach bug you had a week ago has already developed into a full-blown sickness. Too often, people forget about preventative care and only focus on dealing with the issues that they’re worried about after they’ve already occurred.

Preventative care is something that no one should neglect, especially during cold and flu season! A runny nose one day could easily develop into a bigger ailment in just 24-hours—it’s all about catching your symptoms early and often in order to stop them before they have a chance to take hold.

The difference between a cough and strep throat

Even something as simple as a cough can have a hidden ailment if you’re not careful. The early months of the year are a prime time for afflictions such as strep throat—which is a perfect example of something that can be identified and treated before it becomes something dangerous.

Preemptive care works a little something like this. You wake up one day to find that your throat is a bit scratchy and your head feels stuffed up and throughout the day, you just can’t seem to shake those feelings. You get home from work, medicate and go to bed, hoping that it’ll be cleared up by morning… instead, when you wake up the next day, you see that you’ve also developed a cough to go along with your symptoms. It’s at this point that you should schedule an appointment with your local family healthcare clinic in White Salmon, WA.

What’s the big deal about a cough and a head cold? Well, if, after two days you’re still not feeling any better, it generally means that you’re getting worse! What starts as a scratchy throat and a stuffed up head can quickly become something like strep throat in just a few days time. Getting checked out by your family physician will ensure that these symptoms are identified, assessed and that medication is prescribed, to fight the big issues before they even have a chance to develop!

Better to know, than infect

Some people choose to forgo preventative care because they feel like their bodies will fight off infection on their own. While this is an optimistic viewpoint, it’s one that could render you a danger to others—especially younger children and elderly folks that you come into contact with. All it takes is a cough or a sneeze and you’ve potentially distributed the early stages of your illness to people at high risk.

Remember, checking in with your local family healthcare clinic in White Salmon, WA when even minor symptoms persist means doing yourself and others around you a healthy service! The sooner you catch whatever’s ailing you, the sooner you’ll be back on your feet and feeling great!

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