The Importance of Sports Physicals in White Salmon, WA

The Importance of Sports Physicals in White Salmon, WA

December 15, 2013

Ensuring the health and safety of any athlete goes above and beyond just proper training and equipment—it starts with sports physicals in White Salmon, WA. Before a player even hits the field, it’s up to a physician to undertake a thorough examination of the player to ensure that they don’t have any debilitating illnesses, areas of caution to worry about and to ensure that they receive appropriate immunizations. Because sports physicals are so important, it’s common practice for organizations and clubs to require them before a player can be cleared, so don’t forget to schedule yours if you’re thinking about going out for the team this upcoming season!

Health and wellness

Consider this: you’re thinking about going out for a position on your high school soccer team and want to ensure that you’re in tip-top shape to do so when the time for tryouts comes along. There’s only one problem: you have asthma and constant running triggers your asthma. Does this mean that you can’t play soccer? Not at all! But, it could put parameters on some of the things you’ll need to do in order to play—for example, your doctor may suggest an emergency inhaler or prescribe a different type of delivery method, such as an aero chamber.

This is just one example of how having sports physicals in White Salmon, WA can better prepare you for your upcoming aspirations—the benefits are numerous. If you’re at risk of injury or putting your health in decline in any way, a doctor will be able to better educate you on ways to mitigate and avoid these aspects of playing your desired sport.

Awareness for all

Undertaking a sports physical in White Salmon, WA benefits more than just the person being examined—it also benefits parents, coaches and other personnel. If you have a medical problem, your coaches should be aware of it, so that they can be prepared to address the situation if it arises—a physical will tell them this information and everything that surrounds the condition itself.

Your physical can also unearth family health aspects that may not be immediately present. For example, if your family has a history of heart troubles or poor eyesight, the examination during a physical may bring these items to light, allowing your family to better understand how these issues may affect you moving forward.

Play strong

The great news about undertaking a sports physical is that even if you do discover something that’s off kilter, the chance that it will hold you back from playing your desired sport is minimal. In today’s day and age, there are enough treatments, medicines and other mitigation factors that allow kids to challenge themselves in a sport without repercussion. But remember, the first step is being aware! If you don’t know that you have asthma or that your previously broken wrist is susceptible to further injury, there’s no telling what could happen when you hit the field. Play smart and be aware by getting a physical before you showcase your athleticism!

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