Should You Be Thinking About Mole Removal in White Salmon, WA?

Should You Be Thinking About Mole Removal in White Salmon, WA?

October 15, 2013

Everyone has a mole somewhere on their body that they’ve taken notice of once or twice—in fact, many people have distinct moles that they see every day! And, whether it’s a mole on your arm, stomach, back or face, you can take comfort in knowing that your mole is unique to you, regardless of whether you like it or not.

For those people who aren’t a fan of their moles, however, it’s becoming easier and easier to remove them with very little residual evidence that you even had one to begin with. Thanks to modern technology and careful practice, removing a mole has become a common procedure for a variety of different reasons. Take a look at a few of the most common reasons that people are choosing to eliminate their “beauty marks:”

Cosmetic Purposes: Sometimes a mole is so prominent that it’s all a person sees when they look at themselves. For these people, seeking mole removal in White Salmon, WA is a matter of increasing their self-confidence by eliminating the source of their troubles. Often, people who have facial moles or moles in other attention grabbing areas—such as the chest, thighs or neck—find themselves feeling more secure about their image when the mole has been removed.

Health Concerns: Do you have a brand new mole where you never had one before? Is it shaped awkwardly, with no defined edges or coloration? If you’ve uncovered a brand new mole on your body, it’s a good idea to have a medical professional take a look at it right away, to ensure that it’s not cancerous. Many forms of skin cancer are diagnosed via moles that signal the presence of a tumor. Whether your diagnosis is a positive one or something worse, it’s still a good idea to think about mole removal in White Salmon, WA for the presence of a newly developed mole.

Skin Irritation: Sometimes, even if you’re not bothering it, a mole can be a source of skin irritation. When a mole rubs against your clothes or against another area of your skin, it can cause tremendous itchiness and irritation that could lead to consistent scratching or worse, rashes from irritation. If you have a mole that’s behaving this way, mole removal could be a quick fix to an annoying problem.

What about scarring?

One of the biggest things that keeps people from visiting a clinic for mole removal in White Salmon, WA is the fear of scarring or skin alteration. Especially for people with moles that are visible while wearing clothes, the thought of scarring or other noticeable after effects can lead them to simply put up with a mole.

Never fear, however—mole removal leaves behind almost no visible traces! In fact, when moles are removed, the cut to remove them is made so that the resulting scar is barely visible and miniscule in and of itself. For reference, a 7mm mole being removed will usually yield a scar no bigger than 2mm—which is virtually too small to even see on human skin!

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